Horatio Cookies and More


I was so excited to see these! How lucky is Horatio to have his own cookie?! Thanks to the lovely team at Walker Books for organising this cute and tasty delivery for those receiving advanced copies. Individually hand drawn by Sweetcheeks - Cookies and Cakes ! I have to admit, I couldn't bring myself to eat my cookies. Not yet anyway!


There’s now less than one week till Horatio Squeak’s official publication day, July 1st! However, if you’re lucky you may spot him on shelves already. Thanks to those who’ve sent me photos of sightings, they are the best messages ever!

Horatio Squeak is a story about the power one voice, no matter how small, can have. It's for anyone who has ever wished to be stronger, louder, or bigger and anyone who has bravely spoken out against bullies or wished they had. I know I can relate to this and I’m sure that others will too.

©eviebarrow_Horatio_Squeak_final art.jpg

Karen and I have made Horatio his own special place on the internet. We’re still tweaking it and plan to share downloadable activities, upcoming events, photos from the road, behind the scenes images and more! There’s also a contact section where anyone can write to Horatio, Karen or myself.

Take a peek here to see where it’s currently at. We hope to meet you there soon.

x Evie