Desk View


Where I spent most of January planning, plotting, drawing and working, mostly on the illustrations for my second picture book. I'm still pinching myself I’ve been given the opportunity to illustrate someone's story, not once but twice now and a third book is patiently waiting. Illustrating picture books has been a longtime dream and a goal I'd been working towards however the opportunities came before I felt ready. I wonder though, do we ever feel ready? Perhaps not. It’s been important for me to remind myself, to stay open to learning and growing. Otherwise, I think fear would've become paralysing. In the face of a challenge, all we can do is show up and do the work as best as we can.

x Evie

New Beginnings

I stopped posting and writing here long ago, who still read blogs or had time for them? I didn’t. Or at least that’s what I told myself. I also stopped because everyones became so professional, faster, smarter, better, wiser… you get the picture. In my mind it was no longer fun. I thought, I can’t write anyway so why bother. Well, I'm calling BS on myself because the truth is if I dig deep enough the real reason is fear. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of being judged. Fear of looking and sounding stupid. Fear of all the things! But now I kind of feel like, so what. So what if all my fears are true, this is my blog I can keep it as simple as I like. I can post once a week or once a year. I get to make the rules. So, I’m trying again, using this space as a digital scrapbook and journal - a place to collect thoughts, ideas, inspiration, experiments etc. To take it slow. No plan. No expectations. To see where my curiosity leads me.

x Evie

Polish Christmas Tree


Recently while going through old photos I came across images from Krakow's Ethnographic Museum, a place my husband and I visited about 18 months ago. There was a section dedicated to Christmas with this beautifully decorated tree and given it's that time of year again it's been on my mind.

My photos aren't great, they were taken with my phone however I wanted to remember them here, maybe you'll enjoy them too. If you're lucky enough to be in this part of the world I highly recommend a visit.

Happy holiday season wherever you may be!

x Evie

Hear Me Out Exhibition


Last Friday was the one-night-only art auction/exhibition, Hear Me Out which I mentioned a few posts ago here. It went off with a bang on a steamy and stormy Melbourne evening, raising over $4000 for ARCVic which will go towards running more regular group sessions with those suffering with anxiety disorders.

Above is the artwork I created as well as the anonymous testimony it accompanied. Photos of both generously supplied by the organisers, Oli and Mike, thanks guys. Big YAY! and huge thanks to all involved, especially Oli and Mike for their top-notch organisational skills and dedication to the event.

Keep and eye out in 2018 for possible future HMO events!

x Evie