Books & Zines XXXI : The 5 Misfits

Another book by, Beatrice Alemagna for the #booksandzinesseries in this the characters are inventively charming as is their wonky home. Having felt like a misfit myself, especially as a kid the five main characters are relatable as I suspect they are for others too.

The 5 Misfits, by Beatrice Alemagna. Published by Topipittori, 2014. This English edition published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, London 2015.


x Evie

Books & Zines XXX : Mr Huff

We all feel worried from time-to-time and sometimes that feeling grows, different to the blues it can be harder to describe. Today’s #booksandzinesseries explores that feeling throughout a little boy's day. Illustrated in Anna Walker’s tender mixed-media style and like all of Anna’s books, it’s an absolute delight. 

Mr Huff, by Anna Walker. Published by Penguin Random House Australia, 2015.

I was lucky to get my copy signed. Thanks, Anna!


x Evie

Books & Zines XXXIX : Shout Out to the Girls

I've shared peeks of the book, #shoutouttothegirls here before and that I’m lucky to have two illustrations in it. Today I’m sharing more because it’s International Women’s Day so it feels fitting.

We’re also having a launch at The Little Bookroom, 759 Nicholson St, Carlton Nth form 6:30 pm to celebrate. By we I mean, I’ll be joining fellow illustrators Sonia Kretschmar, Emma Leonard, Syliviaa Morris, Cat MacInnes, Cathie Glassby and Zoe Caracatsanoudis. Tickets are $5 including light refreshments and a donation to the Malala Fund. 

Shout Out to the Girls - A Celebration of Awesome Australian Women, published by Penguin Random House Australia, 2018


x Evie

Books & Zines XXVII : Girlie Pains

Time for a zine in this #booksandzinesseries of mine. 

This is an oldie from artist Mel Stringer, a series of 8 mini zines on the angsty musings and daily observations of youthful times. I've kept it in it’s original envelope, the cost of stamps having doubled since hint at it's age. Crafted using black ink on one ­sided A4 pages then cut and folded, this series is a great examples of perfect diy zine simplicity!

Girlie Pains, mini zine series of 8, self­ published by Mel Stringer, 2009. 

And Mel is still creating zines today, I love that! Enjoy!

x Evie

Books & Zines XXVI : The Wonderful Egg

Today’s books and zines series post is one for the dino lovers! Although it has much broader appeal. I can’t get enough of the timelessly modern illustration style and colour palette. Artist, Dahlov Ipcar never disappoints. There’s even a handy dinosaur name, pronunciation guide at the back, particular helpful if you’re still challenged by them like me!

The Wonderful Egg, by Dahlov Ipcar. The original edition of this book was published by Doubleday & Company, 1958. This second edition is by Flying Eye Books, 2014.

Find two more of Ipcar's books that I've shared in this series here.


x Evie