11 Podcasts To Keep You Company


Wow I checked my archives and found out it was 23 months ago that I last shared an '11 Podcasts To Keep You Company’ post. Time for a new list I reckon and especially given the rapid growth of podcasting in the past couple of years. It was hard to keep this to eleven so perhaps my next posted list won’t be so far between. 

1. Wowee! a Melbourne based podcast hosted by two local creatives with a focusing on honest discussions with their peers
2. Crimetown a peek into the culture of crime in American cities
3. Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People an hour long unrehearsed chat between host Chris Gethard and an anonymous caller
4. Dumbo Feather Podcast like the DF magazine this is all about conversations with extraordinary people
5. The Great Discontent another magazine with a great podcast featuring in-depth conversations with today’s artists, makers and risk-takers
6. The Moth the art and craft of storytelling these captivating stories often stops me still to simply listen
7. All The Wonders: The Children’s Book Podcast interviews with authors and illustrators, if this is your genre it's often an insightful behind-the-scenes listen
8. Hidden Brain uses science and storytelling to help us better understand ourselves plus the host's voice is so familiar to me I feel like I'm listening to an old friend - a common side effect of a much loved podcast
9. Criminal a true crime podcast for on-screen lovers of this genre who need an ears only fix
10. Strangers true stories about peoples connections and encounters with one another and themselves often revealing more than expected
11. Starving Artist another Melbourne based podcast interviewing creatives about art, money and how to manage and combine the two in pursuit of the thriving artist life

Bonus: Podcasts as series favs, Mogul, Missing Richard Simmons, Serial, S-Town, Trace

Bonus bonus: Top 5 picks from my previous '11 Podcasts To Keep You Company’ posts that are still releasing new content; Design Matters, Here’s The Thing, This American Life, Art For Your Ears, Creative Pep Talk

I’d love to hear what you’re listening to. If you’d like to share leave a comment below and we can all enjoy!

x Evie