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Where I spent most of January planning, plotting, drawing and working, mostly on the illustrations for my second picture book. I'm still pinching myself I’ve been given the opportunity to illustrate someone's story, not once but twice now and a third book is patiently waiting. Illustrating picture books has been a longtime dream and a goal I'd been working towards however the opportunities came before I felt ready. I wonder though, do we ever feel ready? Perhaps not. It’s been important for me to remind myself, to stay open to learning and growing. Otherwise, I think fear would've become paralysing. In the face of a challenge, all we can do is show up and do the work as best as we can.

x Evie

New Beginnings

I stopped posting and writing here long ago, who still read blogs or had time for them? I didn’t. Or at least that’s what I told myself. I also stopped because everyones became so professional, faster, smarter, better, wiser… you get the picture. In my mind it was no longer fun. I thought, I can’t write anyway so why bother. Well, I'm calling bullshit on myself because the truth is if I dig deep enough the real reason is fear. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of being judged. Fear of looking and sounding stupid. Fear of all the things! But now I kind of feel like, so what. So what if all my fears are true, this is my blog I can keep it as simple as I like. I can post once a week or once a year. I get to make the rules. In the past, imagined external exceptions got the better of me. So, in an attempt to follow my inner guide I’m trying again, using this space as a digital scrapbook and journal - a place to collect thoughts, ideas, inspiration, experiments etc. To take it slow. No plan. No expectations. To see where my curiosity leads me.

x Evie

Books & Zines XXXI : The 5 Misfits

Another book by, Beatrice Alemagna for the #booksandzinesseries in this the characters are inventively charming as is their wonky home. Having felt like a misfit myself, especially as a kid the five main characters are relatable as I suspect they are for others too.

The 5 Misfits, by Beatrice Alemagna. Published by Topipittori, 2014. This English edition published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, London 2015.


x Evie

Colouring-in Pages for Pottery Barn Kids


Three colouring-in pages celebrating awesome Aussie women including; Pearl Gibbs - Indigenous activist, Fanny Durak - Australia's first woman to win gold for swimming in the Olympics and Grace Cossington Smith - modern art pioneer. Drawn in collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids, Australia for fun times in stores on International Women's Day.

x Evie

Books & Zines XXX : Mr Huff

We all feel worried from time-to-time and sometimes that feeling grows, different to the blues it can be harder to describe. Today’s #booksandzinesseries explores that feeling throughout a little boy's day. Illustrated in Anna Walker’s tender mixed-media style and like all of Anna’s books, it’s an absolute delight. 

Mr Huff, by Anna Walker. Published by Penguin Random House Australia, 2015.

I was lucky to get my copy signed. Thanks, Anna!


x Evie